3 thoughts on “CBS4’s Paul Day Retires

  1. Paul is a class act. Working on the front lines of PR, I can attest that you simply couldn’t spin Paul. He is one of these ‘legacy’ Colorado reporters who understands the history, the communities, the politics and the personalities of Colorado. Yes, he was an expert on his enviro beat, but he was also sent out regularly on breaking news stories. It is a real loss and also something that Denver TV News ought to take note of: there is still a lot of room for profits based on the credibility and trust worthiness of your reporters, not whether they are young, cheap and beautiful.

  2. I worked with Paul on a couple of stories over the years, a classy guy and I wish him all the best. The fact he stayed in the market for such a long time gave him a rare perspective in his reporting, and we benefited from that perspective.

    The way news is being delivered to us is rapidly changing via so many traditional and new media pipelines. The one constant necessary for success remains solid journalism and that is something Paul delivered day in and day out in a career measured in decades of excellence.

  3. My very first TV interview was with Paul Day in front of the Water Conservation Wall at Colorado’s Ocean Journey. (anyone remember that place?) 🙂 He was a pleasure to work with!

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