10 thoughts on “9News’ Ashton Altieri Departs for Sacramento

  1. Best wishes to Ashton. I only knew him as a viewer, but he seemed a bright a capable professional. I denote a certain level of sarcasm as to “bigger and better” but bigger and/or better isn’t necessarily what’s important. Broadcasting has always been a tough business (been there-done that) and the hours and time commitments are formidable. Maybe it was just the appeal of working Mon-Fri and having weekends off like us mere mortals.

    1. I, too, wish Ashton well. His self-depricating sense of humor made me like him. But, as someone who has lived in Northern California, a move to Sacramento seems like a big step down, even if the hours are better.

  2. He was blocked by more Sr. women weather people and Amelia is coming on as a weather person, and he is hind tit.

  3. As a PROUD resident of beautiful Northern CA, I like to welcome Ashton. Saw Ashtons Hoosiers fumble on youtube. Pretty funny stuff. Seems like a he will be a good fit on KXTV channel 10. 🙂

  4. Ashton was my favorite meteorologist. He got the worst of worst — filling in for the other meteorologists. He should have gotten Becky’s gig since she’s always gone. Why would Amelia do weather? Her degree is in English. Even in her position as traffice person, she comes across as an air head and shallow. Today I started watching Channels 7 and 4 in Denver.

    1. best regards to ashton. a loss for 9 news. please say its not so about amelia. i don’t care for her. since her return to 9news after her stint in LA she seems to have a “wider, broader” angle. she obviously had some standard LA work done. it’s a bit insulting to viewers like myself who feel that the station awarded her for purely superficial reasons. she lacks dimension and personality. i dont understand why she seems to be getting more exposure. is it just me or does she appeal to other viewers? do actual ratings support this?

  5. We will also will miss Ashton. He brought humor and personality to the meteorology team at 9 news. He was always professional and we looked forward to his spot. We are finished with 9 news. Management and Kathy’s choices are “less than desirable.

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