Great Moments in Public Relations

U.S. Congresswoman Congressional candidate Kate Marshall (R-Nevada) is making headlines with her latest press release, but not in the way she intended.

As Las Vegas Sun reporter Jon Ralston noted, “You don’t see this too often: A campaign puts out a statement by a candidate on an issue she has never talked about and then helpfully explains the political strategy at play at the end.”

Unfortunately for her, the explanation was clearly intended for her rather than for the media. Here’s the text of the press release:

Kate Marshall Issues Statement of Support for Israel as Violence Escalates

Reno, NV – As violence continues to escalate in Israel, Kate Marshall released the following statement this morning in support of the nation:

“The past several days have proven very challenging for the people of Israel. Last Thursday gunmen from the Gaza Strip entered Israel and launched coordinated attacks against a tourist bus and other vehicles en route to the seaside city of Eilat. The terrorists murdered eight people and scores more were injured.

In further escalation of violence, terrorists operating within the Gaza Strip proceeded to fire hundreds of rockets into southern Israeli cities. Rockets fells on homes, a religious school, and other civilian targets. One man was murdered, many people were injured including children, and among the injured casualties was a four month old infant.

I am proud to consider Israel a friend and I reiterate my unwavering support for its fundamental right to exist and the absolute necessity for Israel to secure its people from outside threats. I stand ready and willing to assist Israel in defending itself against all acts of terrorism.”

Background: Israel has been in the news lately, and will be even more in the news with Beck’s “Rally to Restore Courage” in Jerusalem. In an R district, it will be useful to express support for Israel and demonstrate some foreign policy prowess while it is a timely topic – especially for people who are likely paying attention to Beck’s event.


3 thoughts on “Great Moments in Public Relations

  1. In the interests of accuracy, it should be pointed out that the lead in this blog is in error:

    Kate Marshall is currently the state treasurer here in Nevada. She is a CANDIDATE for the U.S. House of Representatives for northern Nevada.

    Indeed it is a shame that her staff failed to properly edit her news release – – perhaps Kate’s staff is moonlighting in support of Michele Bachmann of Minnesota (at least here in Las Vegas there are still plenty of live Elvis characters and a few others as well).

    Don Shook
    MERIT Media Relations
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  2. I witnessed an event once with a local politician (I won’t say who) giving a big speech to a large crowd. He got to an important part of the speech and his voice grew louder and more dramatic and as he reached his crescendo, he said loudly “WAIT FOR APPROVING APPLAUSE!” He’d read his speech writer’s cues, which, apparently, hadn’t been written in bold. AWKWARD! Everyone started clapping (kind of).

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