The Public Relations Losers of the Week …

… are Leigh Sullivan and Troy Guard, the (for now) husband-and-wife owners of TAG and TAG | RAW BAR. When a decision is made to divorce, the aggrieved and non-aggrieved parties usually run to lawyers as fast as they can. But Sullivan and Guard are racing just as fast to any media outlet that will quote them to try to gain the media edge in their divorce. So far, they’ve hit Lori Midson at Westword and Bill Husted at the Denver Post.

Here’s some free public relations advice: quit publicly tearing each other down, get the divorce and try to act like grown-ups. Trust me – it allow your baby you keep mentioning to Google your names in 10 years without shame, and the assets you will soon be dividing up (for example, two restaurants) will be worth more if you quit making Denver wince at the mention of your names.

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