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Fact or Fiction?
July 22, 2010, 5:28 pm
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That a former JohnstonWells CEO banned her employees (including Ef Rodriguez) from a Writer Square crepe restaurant because she didn’t like the way the employees smelled when they returned to the office. I’ll leave it up to JW employees to confirm or refute.

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I once had an employer who banned popcorn from the office, but that was a little more understandable.

Comment by sara

I had a boss that wouldn’t allow certain foods. One was tuna salad. I get that…but crepes?

Comment by Mary

I can state unequivocally that I would, instead, DEMAND my employees come back from lunch smelling like crepes.

Comment by Vill Robinson

This is 100% true. The JW regime was brutal, but it made me the sterling PR professional I am today.

Or whatever.

Side note: I was once kicked sharply in the ribs by a JohnstonWells CEO for daring to wear corduroy at the office.

“Not allowed!” said the CEO. “Not ever!”

“Clemency, please!” I squealed, as the blows rained down upon my precious ribs.

“Your tears nourish me!” replied the CEO.

Comment by Ef Rodriguez

Being in Boulder, John Metzger and I insist upon a nurturing and open environment which welcomes all kinds of cuisine for either lunch, snacks or post-work happy hours. And for the record, neither of us has ever kicked Ef in the ribs, no matter what he smelled like.


Comment by Doyle Albee

SOOO true. The two CEO’s were brutal !!

Comment by Marty

Not true. A fellow JWer and I dined on crepes many a time without any complaint. I also wore corduroy. Looks like it was just Efrem.

Comment by Elizabeth Jumel

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