7 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction?

  1. I once had an employer who banned popcorn from the office, but that was a little more understandable.

  2. I can state unequivocally that I would, instead, DEMAND my employees come back from lunch smelling like crepes.

  3. This is 100% true. The JW regime was brutal, but it made me the sterling PR professional I am today.

    Or whatever.

    Side note: I was once kicked sharply in the ribs by a JohnstonWells CEO for daring to wear corduroy at the office.

    “Not allowed!” said the CEO. “Not ever!”

    “Clemency, please!” I squealed, as the blows rained down upon my precious ribs.

    “Your tears nourish me!” replied the CEO.

  4. Being in Boulder, John Metzger and I insist upon a nurturing and open environment which welcomes all kinds of cuisine for either lunch, snacks or post-work happy hours. And for the record, neither of us has ever kicked Ef in the ribs, no matter what he smelled like.


  5. Not true. A fellow JWer and I dined on crepes many a time without any complaint. I also wore corduroy. Looks like it was just Efrem.

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