Denver Post: ‘Qwest CEO blows up at question about his house’

I’m all for ginning up some controversy, but the Denver Post copyeditor responsible for that headline may be trying a little too hard. How did Qwest CEO Ed Mueller actually respond when asked about whether he had sold his house in Denver:

“I think (the question is) irrelevant and … I think it’s offensive.”

Maybe the Post should send a reporter to New York to cover Alec Baldwin for a couple of weeks to get a little perspective.

3 thoughts on “Denver Post: ‘Qwest CEO blows up at question about his house’

  1. Mueller was over-reacting a bit, but come on Post…how is that an appropriate question for a quarterly earnings interview? If Qwest somehow is on the hook for this house as it was for his old house when he relocated, fine…you didn’t indicate that it is. And if you want to know whether the house has sold, pick up the phone and call the freaking realtor.

    Even worse, the Post blithely states that Jay Cutler’s real estate dealings “are of public interest.” Brother…that speaks volumes about the state of what passes for business news judgment at today’s Post. That’s Penny Parker fodder, not “public interest” reporting, people.

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