6 thoughts on “Is America Ready for Best Buy to Wish Us ‘Happy Eid al-Adha?’

  1. Thank you best buy, it is time we all learn a lesson from Best Buy to co exist and love and respect each other. This is the American way and the way was taught by all religions. If you are an American, regardless of your religious belief, there is nothing wrong with celebrating all holidays and wishing your fellow American happiness on all holidays (Christmas, Chanukah, Eid, kwanza..)
    May God have Peace upon all of you!

    1. I agree. Why is it that in advertisements and stores it is perfectly okay to celebrate holidays such as Christmas and Kwanza and such but when it comes to a MUSLIM holiday, everyone freaks out ? come on people, I’m American and i am also Muslim and i have never had a problem with store papers saying “Merry Christmas” so why is it all of a sudden, Christians are suddenly hating on Muslims and Best Buy because of them wishing Muslims a happy Eid ? Best buy, i support you.

  2. Thanks for the dose of sanity and tolerance, Ed; those qualities apparently are in short supply among the first two commenters.

  3. You are missing the point. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a Muslim holiday. The issue at hand, that everyone is missing, is that several years ago best buy did NOT allow Merry Christmas to be used and mandated that “Happy Holidays” would replace Christmas.

    My point is if you allow a “Happy ________” Muslim holiday message, which is fine with me, then they need to allow the “Merry Christmas” as well. They better allow it this year!

    I just want equality.

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