4 thoughts on “Denver Magazine Names Brugeman Food Editor

  1. Happiness on your promotion.
    I am writting about something that might interest you for an article. Our neighboorhood is exceptional in that we all share a common bond, well many actually.
    In these tough economic times one must do what one can to save money and still enjoy the finer things in life.
    This is where one of the neighborhood bonds exsists.
    We all love exceptional food and imbibing in fine wines and great malt beverages.In fact several of us make our own. Both wine and beer. This is what brings us to you… We would like to invite you to our monthly wine tasting and food pairing. This would allow you to see how it is done to inform your readers of a really economic, fun, tasty and most of all safe (no driving when it’s in the “hood”,)way to enjoy a night out.
    Each person brings a wine of thier choice and a food item to accompany it. Since we generally have about twenty people we are able to taste twenty different wines along with twenty outstanding morsels of yumminess.
    We have had everything from red to white to sparkeling.Food from pears with gorgonzola, walnuts and watercrest drizzled in pomagranite vinegaret with a fifteen dollar bottle of Oregan state “Sisters” chardonay to peanutbutter and jelly chickenwings with a four dollar bottle of Australian Au. There has been Lamb stews, coconut curry chicken balls, carppachio, crabcake stuffed mushrooms, chocolate lava cakes and a variety of others. It can literaly be a twenty course meal. It is a fabulous way to taste wines and eat out. This meal would cost a fortune a a restuarant. At our pairings the cost is what you choose to make it, simply a bottle and some munchies. It can be less than twenty bucks a person depending on what you choose. And, no tipping or driving!
    It has been so successful we have decided to create our own journal of the feasts. Keeping records of the wines and the recipies.
    We also do a BBQ-off in the summer for the boy’s and a pie-off for the girls. This is complete with theme decorations and judges. We roll the grills to the edge of the driveways and it’s on! Prized aprons donning “Pie Queen” and “Grill Master” are awarded and signed each year. It can be quite competitive as each family tastes and votes, along with three judges. We needed some hungry yet non-bias folks.
    We Celebrate National Corn Dog Day as one of the neighbors is from Iowa.
    We have a movie nights in which we dress as the charaters and view the movie.
    We have a wine stomping each October as we make our own wines and beers.
    And always have dinner at each others houses in blizzards.
    So, there you have it!
    We’d love to have you experience this event. As I said we will be having one this Sunday as my in-laws are flying in from Santa Barbara County. With wine!
    Thanks for you attention,
    The Pierson Way Gang.
    contact Joanne at wopporthole@hotmail.com.

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