Are There Any Male News Anchors in Denver?

After seeing the public relations bonanza that Denver Magazine garnered with its Fox31 news “skankors” cover photo, Colorado View magazine called in a couple of Photoshop experts for its inaugural cover. Michael Roberts at Westword has the background. In the meantime, don’t hold your breath waiting for that Ron-Zappolo-and-Mike-Landess-in-Speedos covershot.

4 thoughts on “Are There Any Male News Anchors in Denver?

  1. I think people know what your covers are each year. I am so happy that there are new magazines like Denver Magazine, Colorado View and some of the others. Being from L.A., I was mortified when I moved here in 2002 to see just your old boring magazine! Keep pushing ahead Colorado View…..

  2. Don’t underestimate substance, Steve. I lived in Texas for five years and enjoyed Texas Monthly. I was glad to find a comparable magazine in 5280 when I moved here.

  3. Yes, thanks Colorado View for giving readers yet another source of style (pretty newsreaders, annual Junior League cookbook, for god’s sakes) over any semblance of substance.

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