3 thoughts on “Catfight Alert: Tom Martino vs. Westword

  1. Wow; I did not know that Tom Martina was still on. He is/was an investigative journalist and the best he could do is to lure and lie to someone to get a meeting? Well, that is a professional and a great PR move for him.

    His “investigative” blog pointing out the wrong person which I think scored some more PR points.

    I wish people would stop paying this ‘has been’ all of the extortion money.

  2. They fire Steve Kelly but keep Tom Martino?! WTF?

    Do any of you at Clear Channel, Fox or KWGN know about the underhanded business dealings Mr. Martino is involved in? Does ANYONE?! Are you aware that he charges companies MONEY to be on his “referral list” and then be promoted on his “entertainment” programs such as “The Troubleshooter”? And I can’t even remember the last time Mr. Martino ever mentioned the BBB!

    If Wendy Bergman can get fired for paying to see a dog fight (which I’m sure Mr. Martino had a hand in) then why keep ANY “sleezy” journalist on the pay roll? Oh! That’s right, RATINGS! Never mind any ETHICS.

    My only questions to Mr. Martino are when he plans to run for public office? And Why he isn’t ALREADY in public office? It seems a perfect fit for his fiscal loyalties.

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