4 thoughts on “Open for Debate

  1. He wasn’t the first to use non-traditional PR tactics. Reagan was the master of getting around traditional media through staged events, photo ops and early versions of what would become the VNR. But Obama was the most effective, if not the first, at using social media – twitter, facebook, texting etc.

  2. I agree with Bruce above. Obama wasn’t the first to get creative with his tactics, but he is certainly the first to embrace social media in all its lolcat glory.

    Now if we could just get @BarackObama to reply to other users…

  3. As I sit here debating what I should and should not say, I am completing negating the idea of transparency.

    From what I know of Reagan, as I was only 2 months old when his presidency ended, I think you are spot on with your comments about his PR tactics.

  4. Yes, certainly not the first as already well noted, however I can’t think of a better more tightly integrated campaign than Obama’s. The use of social media and understanding how his target market communicates was incredible.

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