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Post Editor Moore: Denver is No Boston When it Comes to Brainpower
June 18, 2009, 11:06 am
Filed under: Bill Husted, Denver Post, Penny Parker

Bill Husted catches up with elusive Denver Post editor Greg Moore as part of his recurring “Bar & Grilled” column. Normally I wouldn’t be that impressed with a columnist scoring an interview with his own editor, but when was the last time you saw Greg Moore in public? Husted should enjoy this one for now, because I fully expect Penny Parker to up the ante with an exclusive with publisher Dean Singleton any time now.

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I don’t know, she is pretty busy writing about the facial hair habits of Denver chefs these days …

Comment by JB

So far Husted has “scored” interviews for this series with one of his newspaper’s right-wing dimwits (Mike Rosen), with his own boss (Greg Moore) and with a couple of mainstream media figures (Glo Neal and Adele Arakawa).

Is Denver really that boring or is Husted just that unimaginative? Wait, don’t tell me…

Comment by Vill Robinson

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