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KWGN/Channel 2 Rebrands Itself ‘The Deuce’
March 12, 2009, 4:40 pm
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Bad news for Microsoft. The best case study it had that a business could create a logo using nothing more than PowerPoint is going away. KWGN/Channel 2 is rebranding itself “The Deuce,” and a new logo will presumably follow. While Michael Roberts at Westword examines the scatological implications of the new brand, we’d rather use this opportunity to again make fun of GM Dennis Leonard for his claim that he discovered John Mayer, Maroon 5 and Five for Fighting.

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Trying to turn channel 2 into a *younger* network with lifestyle programming? Sounds like a bad idea. I don’t think Leonard has any idea what he’s doing. And I love their current logo. Wait until you see the new logo…think NASA. Ugh.

Comment by Thomas

Yeah I am thinking this is a bad idea, and I have said so on westword’s website as well. This sounds douchey to me! I mean what is Dennis thinking? If the logo looks like the NASA logo I will vomit. I work with branding and image a lot and well ” The Deuce” sounds lame and a late night thought while on the toilet!

Comment by Nickolas Brungardt

deuce, #2, pooh, same thing

Comment by jenny

KMGH channel 2 has messed up their programming. Go back to news at 9, We are trying to watch America Top Model and you keep putting TMZ on every 10 minutes.

Comment by joann

What moron made this change? Deuce makes one think of Deuce Bigalow, the asinine, sophomoric movie from the late 1990s. Also makes one think of Douche, not an endearing term these days. Fire those responsible for this one and bring back Asha Blake. Oh, and if you’re trying to lure a younger demographic, they’re all busy doing much more exciting things at 7 pm than watching your newscast.

Comment by viewer

Angie and Chris are great, tom is a good anchor, but he is always gloomy. just keep chris and angie on every AM

Comment by Eric

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