9News’ Lucas Bids Farewell After 32 Years

We noted a couple of weeks ago that anchor/reporter Ward Lucas had decided to retire rather than accept another contract from 9News, but it was overshadowed that day by Scripps’ announcement that it would close the Rocky. Today, Joanne Ostrow at the Denver Post provides the details behind Ward’s decision.

One thought on “9News’ Lucas Bids Farewell After 32 Years

  1. years ago i had an encounter with ward Lucas on 9Wants to Know i really could use his help now im not sure who to talk to he is the only person i feel that can help me in this situation . its about a cover up and the persons involved are employed by the City and County of Denver, if and i hope Mr. Lucas you see this comment or hopefully someone can contact you to submit this i had to put in my email im to afraid to leave anymore information Sincerely Jane

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