Regional Colleges Are Pretty Average in Latest U.S. News Ratings

U.S. News & World Report is out with its latest college rankings, just in time to make the poor freshmen moving into dorms rethink whether they should have gone somewhere else. The Colorado/Wyoming results:

77.       University of Colorado at Boulder
80.       Colorado School of Mines
89.       University of Denver
125.     Colorado State University
Tier 3   University of Colorado at Denver
Tier 3   University of Wyoming at Laramie 
Tier 4   University of Northern Colorado 

And, even though it isn’t Colorado-related, Elaine Ellis would want you to know that Notre Dame is ranked 18th.

UPDATE: And Colorado College ranked 30th in the magazine’s rankings of Liberal Arts schools (thanks, Bree.)

2 thoughts on “Regional Colleges Are Pretty Average in Latest U.S. News Ratings

  1. I actually think college rankings are a joke. Just like pre-season college football rankings. I mean seriously? How can Notre Dame NOT be ranked #1 on the poll following our 3-9 season last year? In all seriousness, we’ve always been known as a woman’s soccer team (aren’t we ranked in that?)

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