4 thoughts on “Is McClain Finlon Advertising Shutting Down?

  1. Hello Denver PR community. I’d like to update you on McClain Finlon. Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support. It means so much. As our employees and clients know, my goal was to transition McClain Finlon to our President, Paul Leroue, a great person and friend. Unfortunately, while all the details of the transition were perfect, we were affected by the current capital environment. Our external financing didn’t materialize. I am definitely focused on retirement and having a normal life so I decided that McClain Finlon will continue as a consulting practice and serve clients in a capacity I would enjoy. Our employees will need all your support as they look for new positions. 26 years in the ad agency business is significant and I am so grateful for the quality and vitality of our pr and advertising community. You sustained us!

    1. Hey Cathey,
      As the owner of Denver Advertising it’s been a joy to compete against you over the last 18 years that Denver Advertising has been in business. It would be fun to get a coffee with you. You are the master and God has blessed you over the years.

      Michael Lash

      Denver Advertising
      The National Dental Advertising Association
      The National Restaurant Advertising Association

      14 Inverness Drive East
      Suite A-218
      Englewood, CO 80112
      303-716-7900 (f)

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