Product Placement Hits the Morning News Shows

The local Fox affiliate in Las Vegas has signed a product placement deal with McDonald’s that puts two cups of the fast-food chain’s iced coffee on the desk in front of the anchors. But fear not. The Fox news director assures viewers that the “nontraditional revenue source” won’t impact his station’s reporting. How long until Ron and Libby are sipping after-dinner cappuccinos provided by Starbucks between stories?

One thought on “Product Placement Hits the Morning News Shows

  1. What really surprises me is this is happening in Las Vegas! You’d think they’d have cocktails with casino logos on the set instead.

    Will it happen here? Not in this obvious a way. Although I’ve heard about other markets, where the cityscape backgrounds behind the anchors have clearly positioned billboards for various products.

    Denver remains one of the classier television markets so don’t look for logo merchandise on any set in the near future.

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