We Were Cut After Presenting “Our Tires Are 20% Rounder”

The economy must be hurting the big agencies, because 15 of them agreed to participate in an RFP for tire manufacturer Michelin’s consumer division that has now gone through four rounds and still is not completed. This seems like a good opportunity to link to The Agency’s Blog’s 10 Reasons Why I Hate RFPs.

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2 thoughts on “We Were Cut After Presenting “Our Tires Are 20% Rounder”

  1. I know the RFP process can be long and involved. However, we at Michelin believe it is very important to be thorough. We seek long-term partnerships, not short-term programs. Finding the best fit — from a corportate culture, ability, creativity, mindset, etc. etc. perspective takes time. We very much appreciate each agency who participated and we are confident that this thorough process has brought the best result. And, perhaps if RFPs are to be “hated” the best solution is to make sure that they don’t have to be repeated anytime soon. Taking the time to make the right choice for a long-term partner, as Michelin has done, is for us the best option.
    Lynn Mann
    Director of Public Relations, North America

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