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Denver Post Remains Silent on its Screw-ups
March 10, 2008, 7:32 pm
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Sadly, Kacey Fine Furniture president Leslie Fishbein appears to have no chance of recovery. While her family and friends cope with the senseless tragedy, and the investigations as to how this happened continue, the Denver Post still has not explained how it mismanaged the story so badly.

Three days ago, Joey Bunch and Kieran Nicholson at the Denver Post erroneously reported that Fishbein had died, citing a broadcast allegedly made by Fishbein family friend and radio host Peter Boyles. Later, the Post deleted that story and replaced it with news that Fishbein was alive, but on life support. No retraction or correction was issued, and the Post simply acted as though the initial article had never appeared.

Adding insult, the initial Post article’s headline described Fishbein as a “busineswoman, socialite.” While Fishbein was active in the Denver charity scene, so are Pete Coors and Dave Lininger. And I doubt the Post would describe them as “businessmen and socialites.” 

UPDATE: I exchanged emails with Denver Post reporter Joey Bunch, and he was not involved in the erroneous report of Fishbein’s death. I assume his byline was on the piece because he contributed some of the background information.

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I met Leslie Fishbein several months ago at a fundraiser. We were together for a few hours and became instant friends. Leslie was not only caring, brilliant and passionate about her beliefs, she was an absolute hoot, and I love that in a person! She lit up the room of 200 people with her beautiful smile and natural glow.
I’ve spoken to Leslie a few times, but haven’t seen her again. Yet I consider her a special friend that will always be important to me. She’s an extraordinary individual that you can’t walk away from without loving her.
My heart and prayers are right with Leslie and her family. I believe in miracles, and if ANYONE can do it, Leslie can!!!!!
God bless her,
Lisa Martin

Comment by Lisa Martin

Not only did the DP make that mistake, so did 630 KHOW and 850 KOA.

Comment by Mike

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