Who Had the Worst Week?

  • Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift. Good luck!
  • NBC News national correspondent Miguel Almaguer appears to be suspended. He has not appeared on-air since the network retracted his story that shared false information about the attack on U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband.
  • Twitter offices had to be shut down late this week amid a mass exodus of workers. Elon Musk may be proving that employees will only put up with asshole, narcissistic CEOs if there are pre-IPO stock options involved. Alas, Twitter isn’t a start-up.
  • The answer to the clue “This TV show is under fire for cavalierly using a recent murder as a trivia question” is Jeopardy.
  • Comedian and noted car enthusiast Jay Leno suffered third-degree burns on his face and hands when a vintage car he was working on caught fire. As a result, his appearance this weekend at the Bellco Theatre in Denver has been cancelled.
  • Being fired as a reporter is tough enough, but having your news director invite you to a Hardees so he can fire you just adds insult to injury.
  • Have you ever wanted to be a police chief? Apply now with the City of Aurora and you might get it. They currently have zero applications for the position. Meanwhile, it turns out the city’s new interim police chief, Art Acevedo, “has a history of misconduct and was a frequent guest on InfoWars, founded by conspiracist Alex Jones.” This should end well.
  • The University of Virginia football team cancelled its final home game after three of its players were shot and killed. A former UVA teammate was arrested for the shooting.
  • Denver-area Uber and Lyft drivers are only netting about $5.50 an hour, according to a new report from Colorado Jobs With Justice. That is about one-third of what they would make if they earned minimum wage in the city.
  • Denver Broncos linebacker Aaron Patrick has sued the NFL, ESPN, Kroenke Sports and Entertainment and the L.A. Chargers after he tore his ACL in a sideline collision at the Chargers’ stadium. He landed awkwardly on a mat covering wiring.
  • FIFA selected Qatar to host the World Cup 12 years ago, and today – two days before the 2022 FIFA World Cup starts – Qatar announced that it is going back on its agreement and will ban alcohol sales at stadiums. Budweiser has to be thrilled about its $75 million sponsorship of the tournament.
  • A truck in which actress Denise Richards was a passenger sustained bullet holes following a road rage incident in L.A. Monday.
  • The Great American Family network, a start-up competitor to the Hallmark Channel, announced it will not feature gay and lesbian couples as part of its line-up of Christmas movies. I’m guessing you can expect a lot of Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A commercials, and not many others.

So, who won the week?