Great Moments in Journalism

The Hill: “Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo told viewers Wednesday that her show had been ‘punk’d’ after she interviewed an animal rights activist who claimed he was the CEO of the pork producer and food-processing company Smithfield Foods.”

“The segment earlier on in the show was presented as an interview with CEO Dennis Organ on the process of coronavirus vaccines being distributed to food workers at the company, which had an outbreak of coronavirus cases at one of its plants.”

“However, as it was later revealed, Bartiromo was actually speaking to Direct Action Everywhere activist Matt Johnson, who remained in character as Organ for the nearly six minute interview.”

One thought on “Great Moments in Journalism

  1. In fact, unless you really look you never know who’s who these days. Smithfield Foods, which makes “take me out to the ball game” Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, is a wholly owned subsidiary of a very large Chinese company.

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