7 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. What a loss to our business and community. Indeed Michael was a respected PR pro and beloved friend to many of us. Rest in peace, Michael.

  2. We owe so much to him for helping to create Denver as a great place to be as PR pros. I never met him but I have great respect for what he helped to create. May his spirit live on.

  3. Michael was highly admired for always doing what was right, which was not generally easy. He guided companies and people on the right course, and engaged them the entire journey. A rare talent and spirit, he will be missed by our community.

  4. As a young chief communications officer at US WEST in the late 1990s, I not only appreciated and learned from his insightful counsul, I enjoyed his friendship, his spirit for doing the right thing even in tough moments, and his irrepressible good humor. Picasso once said, “The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place.” Michael was a receptacle for all of the best in our profession.

  5. In addition to a keen mind and good heart, Mike had the best attribute of all–an abiding respect for people from all walks of life. He simply could not envision a communications strategy based on anything else. Mike helped shape many of us as professionals and invested in us as people. Wise and humane, Mike will be deeply missed.

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