5 thoughts on “Great Moments in Journalism

  1. God Love ’em, but this was classic, too, since The DP teased on the front page and had a story on page 21A that Colbert got the job! Desks not talking to each other I’m assuming…

  2. To their credit they also printed a correction on page 2 of the same edition saying the section had already gone to print in advance of the Colbert announcement.

    1. I feel like that is even worse. I assumed some layout editor grabbed the wrong story, but they knew they had the wrong story and chose to just accept it. Reminds me of that exchange in the movie The Paper:

      Alicia: We’re not exactly the Washington Post, okay?

      Michael McDougal: No, we’re not. We run stupid headlines because we think they’re funny. We run maimings on the front page because we got good art. And I spend three weeks bitching about my car because it sells papers. But at least it’s the truth. As far as I can remeber we never ever, ever knowingly got a story wrong, until tonight.

  3. FYI, the Post prints the Entertainment section on Thursday because of the crunch of printing portions of the Sunday paper. I’m sure Ostrow feels bad enough and doesn’t need your jibe to rub ity in.

    Bill Kostka 303-829-7651

    1. Respectfully, Bill, I didn’t blame Joanne. I blamed the Post editors. I have no doubt Joanne’s article was entirely accurate when she wrote it. But to place anything but evergreen feature articles in a section that gets printed a day in advance is just asking for trouble.

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