Great Moments in Photojournalism

The last year has been a bloodbath for photojournalists as newspapers across the country continue their cost-cutting measures. But, really, who needs professional photographers when Renaissance men like Chuck Fieldman can snap a photo while also reporting a story?

And can someone please convince the National Press Photographers Association to create an anti-Pulitzer award that recognizes photos taken by reporters like this one?

Castle Pines PR Fight Continues

Castle Pines council member James Einolf figures he earns “about $1.23 an hour making guitars” at his day job, so you can imagine his response to Aguilar Public Relations’ contract that pays the firm $81 an hour.

“I’m sorry, but we’re now paying more for public relations than we’re paying for (our) attorney. … Einolf said in an interview later that he thinks spending the money for a public relations firm ‘is a terrible waste of money.’ Einolf said, ‘These days’ you just need email and good website to communicate.”

Because who knows more about marketing and public relations more than a guy making what the minimum wage was in 1963?