RIP Ed Quillen

Longtime Denver Post columnist Ed Quillen died Sunday, according to the Post’s Chuck Murphy. I’ll update this post when more information is available.

Update: Coverage of Quillen’s death has appeared in Westword, the Denver Post, 9News and 7News.

Update II: Metzger’s Marie Rotter, who knew Ed personally from her high-school friendship with his daughter Columbine, offers a tribute to the late writer.

2 thoughts on “RIP Ed Quillen

  1. I went to high school in Salida, where Ed Quillen lived. I was close friends with his daughter and took one of his writing classes. He cemented my love of writing and always offered me encouragement. He’d tell me things like not to let “The Man” corrupt me with their institutional ideals. He was fearless, kind, and part of a disappearing breed of journalists. I will miss him and my heart goes out to his family.

  2. “Whaddaya mean, Ed Quillen died,” was my first incredulous thought-response to the news. He’s the main reason I subscribe to the Denver Post, doncha know? How can this be? There’s a huge hole in my vision now, and I suspect in all others who read his writings. His perspective of the world and his own environs was like none other. What a profound loss, but how wonderful to have had him for these many years. Thank you, Ed.

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