Bob Kendrick Update, Sponsored by Ohio State

Perpetually underappreciated former 9News anchor/reporter Bob Kendrick’s career death spiral continues. In July, Kendrick took a reporter and occasional weekend anchor position with CHEK News in Vancouver. However, CHEK News was sold to a new owner in September, and Kendrick has now accepted a position as an anchor on the combined ABC/FOX newscast in Columbus, Ohio. Kendrick told the Columbus Dispatch, “I’m thrilled to call central Ohio home. And, yes, I’ve already started practicing my ‘Go Bucks.’ “

5 thoughts on “Bob Kendrick Update, Sponsored by Ohio State

  1. did he used to go by the name Terry Roberts? The CHEK entry on Wikipedia intimates that with the name Terry Roberts in parenthesis next to his (current) name. Just wondering…

  2. That was a quick exit out of Victoria. Bob Kendrick was at CHEK for only a couple months and now he’s gone to Ohio. The money in Columbus must have been too good to pass up.

  3. I have lived in the environs of Tampa Bay for thirty years. I have seen many news anchors come and go. Unequivocally, Bob Kendrick is the best news anchor I have ever seen. When he left WFTS for Denver, I wrote to him at that time via email—the only television personality I have ever written to. I told him that he was/is the best. He still is the best wherever he is (Columbus OH, I think). Anyway, WFTS proved it has absolutely stupid personnel management when it let him leave. They should have paid him the big bucks to keep him here. He went to Denver, and you folks there did not appreciate him. [I understand that is especially true of his co-anchor]. So your management is a gaggle of fools, too. I sincerely hope that he returns to us in Tampa soon! Come back, Bob, you already know how to say, “Go Bucs” down here.
    Tom Squires, Hillsborough County Democrats, Tampa FL

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