‘The Deuce’ Launches 7 p.m. Newscast

KWGN/Channel 2, now known as “The Deuce,” has reshuffled its evening newscasts so it is not competing directly against sister station Fox31. The Deuce has moved its 9 p.m. newscast to 7 p.m., and made it more entertainment focused, in an effort to attract the 18-34 year old audience. Joanne Ostrow at the Denver Post has the details.

One thought on “‘The Deuce’ Launches 7 p.m. Newscast

  1. I watched the broadcast twice including Monday’s debut. They got some heat for more than a few glitches but I like what they’re doing.

    It’s different and very informative.

    Time slot is a challenge but I hope they succeed. Good to see people taking chances. They often pay off.

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