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Qwest Q4 Layoffs to Total 1,200, Company Says
October 29, 2008, 8:17 am
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We have been chronicling (anecdotally) the Qwest layoffs for the past few months, and now the company has disclosed a cumulative number: 1,200 jobs, or 3 percent of its workforce. Based on our conversations with Qwest employees, that number seems awfully low.

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Sounds like QWEST negotiatd in bad faith a union contract. CWA members should fire ther union immedately by not paying anymore dues

Comment by Hilda Ortega

As employees are shown the door, an employer like Qwest may be wise to hang onto their e-mail records. –Ben

Comment by benjaminwright

I cant believe what qwest has gotten away with over the years. My Dad has worked for qwest for about 40 years. He has paid his dues, he has given his life to this company with nothing to show for it, the CWA is useless and the people running the company and the unions are all crooks Now they will be subbing out his job to save money. The CEO’s continue to get fat checks provided by the blood sweet and tears of real working men. F%$K QWEST AND THE GREADY PIGS THAT RUN IT!!!!

Comment by matt

While I never like to hear about ANYONE losing there job. If there is anyone out there interested. I am a hiring manager for Farmers Insurance and we are looking for good people. Anyone interested can call us at our District Office 303-805-7230 and ask for John. Best of luck to eveyone.

Comment by John

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