2 thoughts on “Vladimir Jones = Pedophilia, Impaling?

  1. I cannot believe Al Lewis. How can he equate PRACO’s new name with pedophelia?? That is one of the most gratuitous and insulting columns I have ever seen and he should be reprimanded by the paper’s management.

    Did anyone ever confuse him with Grandpa Munster?

  2. Touchy touchy. Do you work for PRA.. er, Mr. Jones? Last I heard, Al Lewis is a columnist. I just read another blogpost about a columnist and the horrors of the inclusion of opinion. So…

    Journalism 101 reminder: Columnists are paid to write their impressions and opinions, so long as they are presented as such. Columns simply are not subjected to the factual rigors of the news areas of the publication. So, this column may be offensive/insulting/bizarre, but an editorial or managment reprimand ain’t gonna happen. And it shouldn’t, either.

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