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Wendy Aiello, Redux
July 1, 2008, 6:59 am
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“PR princess” Wendy Aiello is back in Penny Parker’s column this morning, and our world makes sense again. But Wendy can’t be happy that Penny outed her as a woman “of a certain age.”

We Didn’t Factor This Into Our ‘Wendy Aiello Mentions’ Contest

If you have a few spare antidepressants sitting around (and if you are in PR you probably do), you may want to offer them to Penny Parker, Bill Husted and Wendy Aiello. The number of official DNC soirees has been cut 96 percent.

Upset Brewing …

The Denver Post’s Bill Husted pulls ahead of the Rocky’s Penny Parker in the “Most 2008 Wendy Aiello Mentions” horse race this morning. Sure, he tried to sneak it by us by referring to her as Wendy DeHaven, but we all know who she is. To date, that puts Husted on pace for a staggering 67 “Wendy” mentions in 2008; Parker, who was the heavy favorite to win the award, is only on pace for 33. 

Aiello, Redux
January 3, 2008, 3:12 pm
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Denver Post columnist Bill Husted recaps his gossip highlights of 2007, and Wendy Aiello is the only flack to make the list. The Denver PR Blog over/under on Bill Husted’s “Wendy” mentions in 2008 is a mere five, considerably fewer than certain other Denver columnists

Who will be the King of Denver PR?

We are a little more than three weeks away from the release of the Denver Business Journal’s 2007-2008 Book of Lists. As we get ready to see which agencies grew and which contracted, here’s a recap of 2006-2007 DBJ Book of Lists rankings:

  1. GBSM, $2.62 million (2005 gross income)
  2. Schenkein, $2.61 million
  3. JohnstonWells, $2.40 million 
  4. Linhart, $2.18 million
  5. Pure Brand, $2.14 million
  6. GroundFloor , $2.10 million
  7. LeGrand Hart, $2.09 million
  8. PRACO, $2.07 million
  9. MGA, $2.06 million
  10. CTA, $1.50 million
  11. Peter Webb, $1.33 million
  12. Wall+Aiello, $1.14 million
  13. Alyn-Weiss, $1.10 million
  14. Turner, $1.10 million
  15. CLS, $1.08 million
  16. Metzger, $1.05 million
  17. VisiTech, $1.05 million
  18. InterMountain, $1.01 million
  19. Corporate Advocates, $0.88 million
  20. Catapult, $0.80 million 
Note: While these figures appeared in the 2006-2007 DBJ Book of Lists, the data used was from a year earlier. 

Penny Parker on Pace for 365 “Wendy Aiello” Mentions in 2008
January 1, 2008, 5:43 pm
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Rocky Mountain News columnist Penny Parker‘s love affair with “PR princess” Wendy Aiello continues. Denver PR Blog has set the over/under on Penny’s “Wendy” mentions at 25 for the year.

PR stat of the week …
December 21, 2007, 8:45 am
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Wendy Aiello attends roughly 30 holiday parties each year.