Great Moments in Repeating the Negative

“Saying that I have ‘contributed nothing of value to support the ideals of either the Benson Center or CU Boulder’ is preposterous …,” said John Eastman, CU Boulder’s visiting conservative scholar, to the Boulder Daily Camera. Professor Eastman caused controversy for his remarks at the Washington, D.C., rally for President Trump prior to the attack … Continue reading Great Moments in Repeating the Negative

Great Moments in Advertising

This Thanksgiving ad for East Coast grocery store chain Giant Food feels like it was created by a passive aggressive art director who has had it with people ignoring stay-at-home orders. For those doubting its authenticity, Giant Food apologized for the ad, saying that it had gotten caught up in the “pre-holiday excitement.“

Great Moments in Journalism

We’re all enjoying relaxed dress standards during the COVID-19 pandemic, but correspondent Will Reeve one-upped most of us when he took the opportunity to go full Winnie the Pooh (shirt, no pants) on his segment on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Great Moments in Car Design

Ford is recalling the 2015 Lincoln MKC because it placed the start-stop engine button too close to other buttons, and drivers are inadvertantly shutting off the car while driving. The good news for Ford? It only sold 13,500 of the cars so far, so the recall is manageable.

Great Moments in Photojournalism

The last year has been a bloodbath for photojournalists as newspapers across the country continue their cost-cutting measures. But, really, who needs professional photographers when Renaissance men like Chuck Fieldman can snap a photo while also reporting a story? And can someone please convince the National Press Photographers Association to create an anti-Pulitzer award that recognizes photos … Continue reading Great Moments in Photojournalism