Colorado Dominates the Mountain​ West Regional Murrow Awards

About 750 Edward R. Murrow award winners were announced today, and 54 of them went to Region 3 that includes Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. So how did our state compare to the competition? Pretty well, as it turns out:

  • Colorado – 29 Regional Murrow awards
  • Arizona – 16 Regional Murrow awards
  • Wyoming – 6 Regional Murrow awards
  • Utah – 3 Regional Murrow awards
  • New Mexico – 0 Regional Murrow awards

The big winners in Denver were KOA NewsRadio, Colorado Public Radio, 9News and KMGH-7. Among the winners:

  • KMGH-7 for Overall Excellence (large market television)
  • KOA NewsRadio for Overall Excellence (large market radio)
  • 9News’ Next with Kyle Clark for Excellence in Innovation (large market television)
  • KMGH-7 Excellence in Social Media (large market television)

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