CJR: Is Denver Post’s Editorial Voice Getting Laryngitis?

Corey Hutchins at the Columbia Journalism Review reports:

On Monday of this week, something was missing from Colorado’s largest daily newspaper: For the first time in memory, no house editorial appeared in the pages of The Denver Post.

It wasn’t a glitch or a printing malfunction, just the latest small sign of retrenchment in the newspaper business. One of the Post’s editorial writers, Jeremy Meyer, left a few weeks ago for a job in government PR. There are no plans to replace him in the near future, according to Vincent Carroll, the editorial page editor.

That leaves Carroll—who became the page editor in 2013 when his predecessor, Curtis Hubbard, left to join a public affairs firm—as essentially the lone editorial writer left at the Post. And that means there will be days when publishing a locally written editorial won’t be possible.

“I do not know how often that will occur,” he said via email. “Probably once a week, maybe more often.”

That is a tremendously sad development for Denver. A newspaper’s editorial page can be a strong, forceful voice in a world that needs to be held accountable.

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