Volume PR Launches First ‘Medical Marijuana PR’ Agency

Medical Marijuana has grown to be a $14 billion industry, and publications such as Westword and the Colorado Springs Independent are reaping financial windfalls from the industry’s advertising efforts. So it is not surprising that public relations would be the next marketing discipline to recognize the opportunity.

And it appears that that recognition is starting here in Denver. Elizabeth Robinson of Volume PR is launching what she calls the nation’s “first and only business development and public relations firm exclusively focused on the medical marijuana industry.”

Grow Room Communications, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volume PR, offers public relations, marketing communications and advertising services to medical marijuana providers. Elizabeth says she is targeting only legitimate medical marijuana providers.

“We are very selective in who we work with,” Elizabeth said. “Our clients’ ability to serve their patients effectively is directly related to the public’s appreciation for marijuana’s proven medicinal benefits and shows that the industry takes seriously its role in the provision of healthcare.”

Elizabeth’s belief in the value of medical marijuana came from her own experience watching her dying father suffer from nausea and pain that were treated with less effective drugs than medical marijuana.

“I believe in the medical marijuana industry, and our goal is to help businesses that are doing things the right way,” Elizabeth said.

One thought on “Volume PR Launches First ‘Medical Marijuana PR’ Agency

  1. I’m married to a cancer survivor and through our support group have met many cancer patients who use medical marijuana to cope with the impact of treatment like chemo. Kudos to Volume for putting a voice for the responsible sellers that help people deal with the simply awful side-effects of treatment.

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