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Hodas Named Partner at Vladimir Jones
July 29, 2010, 1:19 pm
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Joe Hodas, EVP of Brand Communications at Vladimir Jones, has been named a partner. Hodas joined the agency in early 2009 and, according to VJ, “has been instrumental in advancing the agency’s integrated approach to brand communications, strategically incorporating emerging trends to address client goals, and infusing a new echelon of dry humor into the agency.”

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Comment by Kristy Bassuener

Congrats to Joe. This is well deserved. Joe’s a good role model for how young PR folks can successfully progress their careers. As Joe will tell you, the first rule is to lose the mullet.

Comment by Andrew Hudson

I don’t know Joe, but he sounds like a good dude.

It won’t be long before “The Hodas Touch” enters the national lexicon.


Comment by Ef Rodriguez

Thanks to all of you. . . Except for Andrew. I’ll have you know Andrew that all of my PR power came from the mullet. Much like Sampson circa 1983. If not for the mullet, Im not sure where I’d be today.

Comment by Joe Hodas

Congratulations Joe. Longhorns know how to get ‘er done!

Comment by Brian Olson

Congrats, Joe! You’ve come a long way!

Comment by Marianne Goodland

Thanks brian and marianne. Appreciate the kind words. Hope i can make you proud as we try to take over the world (or at least our fair share of it).

Comment by Joe hodas

Congratulations Joe! Joe was my account director when I was at Xcel Energy and always suffered patiently through my (not so) occassional social media rants. He’s always professional, has smart things to say, and most importantly, just an all-around nice guy to work with. Now that I’m on the other side of the agency fence, I have a better appreciation for his work. I still think we should get T-shirts! Well deserved!

Comment by Marie Rotter

What a nice note Marie. Really appreciate that. I hope you are enjoying your move. I know Metzger is doing some great work. No doubt they are lucky to have you on board.

Comment by Joe Hodas

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