Debbie Does Denver?

9News reporter Deborah Sherman may get more airtime on CBS4, Fox31 and KMGH this week than on her own station after a fling with Dr. Louis Hampers, head of emergency medicine at The Children’s Hospital, resulted in a permanent restraining order. Adding the tabloid fuel to the fire, the judge who granted her restraining order is nicknamed “Herby the Love Judge” and in court he admonished Sherman and Hampers for the “risky behavior” of meeting online at what Westword calls a “swinger website.”

8 thoughts on “Debbie Does Denver?

  1. She is hot but I am betting that since she is putting 9 news in a very awkward position that she will be getting fired. I bet Deborah Sherman will get into more trouble than the doctor for the pure fact that Deborah Sherman is constantly in the media public eye. Buh bye Deborah Sherman!!

  2. Just gotta wonder… what kind of self-serving, publicity-seeking, comically arrogant, and just plain STUPID knucklehead is Harvey Steinberg? What lawyer would allow his client (the Pitiful Pampers), to take the stand at a public hearing to confirm…ON THE RECORD…every single allegation Sherman made? He HAD to know full well that his client’s testimony would likely provide all the facts the DA would need to file criminal charges and he had to know the testimony would provide the Board of Medical Examiners all the testimony necessary to jerk his client’s medical license? What kind of lawyer would do that? The kind of lawyer who could give a shit about his client’s welfare as long as Harvey Steinberg gets a little salacious press out of it. Can you imagine all the giggles that that broke out at his table at Shanahan’s last weekend? According to Sherman’s civil complaint, it was HARVEY FREAKING STEINBERG, himself, who tipped off the Westword that the trial was about to occur. (“This is your last chance to keep your name out of the Westword”, said Steinberg). He also apparently tried to get Channels 7 and 4 to bite on the story…All for his benefit, his client’s well-being be damned. Gutter lawyering at it’s worst. Here’s a number the Pitiful Pampers might be interested in: (303)866-6400. My guess is it’s already on his speed dial. BTW, Harvey…what IS your win/loss record over the last 5 years or so???

  3. Deborah Sherman deserves to be admired, not vilified. She went public with this obviously knowing that the inevitable media exposure would threaten her job and subject her to hurtful…and harmful…criticism. It would have been far easier for her simply to walk away, stay silent, hope this sociopath didn’t murder her and her 3 year old and allow an unrepentent, unconvicted sociopath continue to treat our children. This guy is obviously a drug abuser and criminal. Sherman did the right and courageous thing. Rare is the person who stands up with consequences like these looking them square in the eye. I think she’s a rock star for standing up for herself, her kid and any other woman who this asshole surely would have targeted.

  4. Did the right thing? By trying to get her freak on through a Swingers website? This is the kind of stuff she’d have no problem ‘investigating’ and shaming others for. The irony is rich. It’s kind of like Brian Maas dating his sources. These unethical jerks who wield an incredible amount of power need to be held accountable in the same ways they try to embarass the rest of the world.

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