SWA’s Berg Officially Joins Linhart PR

Linhart PR has confirmed the rumors that Southwest Airlines’ social media expert Paula Berg will join the firm effective today. Berg, who is a University of Colorado graduate, will “build on the firm’s digital and social media capabilities and work with a variety of clients.”

4 thoughts on “SWA’s Berg Officially Joins Linhart PR

  1. It’s true!!!! I’m so sorry I couldn’t confirm the news when you first reported it, but you know how it goes! I arrived in Colorado just before Christmas and my first day in the Linhart office was yesterday. I’m still trying to figure out how to work my new voicemail, but learning about all of Linharts’ clients is keeping me plenty busy!

    I’m very excited to be back in the great state of Colorado, and I’m looking forward to making some new friends. So…what do you say…anyone up for a little tweetup? Let me know!

    Paula Berg
    Linhart PR

    1. Welcome Paula! I’m definitely up for a tweetup. You name a date and time that works for you and we’ll tweet about it via @prsacolo. Can’t wait to see you again.

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