Washington Post Article Slams Crocs’ Future

Ok, so maybe Crocs will make it, maybe it won’t. But who woke up Washington Post reporter Ylan Q. Mui so he (or she, I have no idea) could piss all over the Niwot company this morning? Seriously, Crocs’ stock dropped from roughly $75 to about $0.95 from November 2007 – November 2008, and Mui decides now – seven months later with the stock up about 340 percent since the lows – is the time to write this story? Quite a scoop. Perhaps tomorrow’s follow-up will be that oil is unlikely to sustain a price of $144/barrel. Regardless, Crocs CEO John Duerden used the company blog to respond to Mui’s article.

4 thoughts on “Washington Post Article Slams Crocs’ Future

  1. Someone needs to tell the Washington Post and Katie Curic on CBS that this story is really old news: Crocs is fighting hard to stay alive and WILL….Here is my take on it. Those investors that bought Croc stock (CROX) and then lost money when it tanked (like many other stocks, banks, companies, etc.) are so angry that they will stop at nothing to destroy this company. They didn’t like being shown to be a fool at buying this company and then running the price up so far and not being smart enough to get out while it was on top. What is interesting is that the Croc supporters will fight to save their brand and product. How many other companies have this type of loyal customer. If they didn’t feel so good, Crocs would be toast but they feel great!!!!!

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