Post: Ernie Bjorkman, 25 Other Staffers Let Go at CW2

The details of the CW2 layoffs are starting to emerge, and Joanne Ostrow at the Denver Post reports that more than 25 staffers are being let go. Anchor Ernie Bjorkman, a fixture of Denver television news for 26 years, is the highest-profile employee to be let go, although he will remain on the air for the next three months.

UPDATE: And, gracious to the end, Fox 31’s Dennis Leonard (yes, the guy who discovered John Mayer, Maroon 5 and Five for Fighting) has wasted no time marginalizing Ernie Bjorkman. Here is Ernie’s CW2 bio prior to the layoff announcement, and here is the new-and-improved version.

12 thoughts on “Post: Ernie Bjorkman, 25 Other Staffers Let Go at CW2

  1. Now that’s really tacky. Ernie’s bio doesn’t even appear on the site?

    A layoff done with such class and finesse. Words can’t even capture the moment.

  2. Dear Mr. Bjorkman
    I was impressed with your poise and presence during your interview on 20/20. Congratulations on your new career/love. Please contact me at your convenience, as I would like to discuss an opportunity with you.

  3. I watched a piece on Ernie last evening on 20/20, what a class act this man is. I have a talk show and would love to have my own interview with Ernie, do you know how I can contact him?

  4. So this is how they treated someone who gave them the best 26 years of his employment. The highest paid, the first to go. Shameful. You can bet that I will not ever watch News 2 ever again. Despicable. Ernie made that program. What has been done to him will not be forgotten and it is so true that there is no loyalty with a company and its employees.

  5. Hi Ernie,

    I know what it’s like to be in the media and have a PD patting you on the back but reviewing demos all the time for your replacement. And, I know how it is when a station dumps you because they’ve decided to “Move in a different direction”! When you’ve given your best and loyal time they only see you as a liability, with NO loyalty to you!

    I saw your stance on 20/20, holding your head up but on your face I could see humiliation and depression, because at one time that’s the way I felt. Knowing that my life was unraveling right before my eyes and not knowing which way to turn! Trying to make your family think everything’s going to be all right, and knowing it has changed so dramatically, it’ll hurt not only you but your family as well! I ended up divorced!

    I tell you this because I deal with these emotions everyday. But let me tell you there is a way to overcome this situation. Please contact me for more details. I know I can show you the way to be back on top! Thank you

    This is NOT MLM!

  6. Ernie, if you read this, please take a look at

    Download the free report and look at the numbers yourself.

    If you see what I see, contact me at and let’s work together somehow to get the message out that the reason our economy is bad is because we are putting Americans out of work.

    You can find a lot more out by going to the site.
    Hopefully you will find a better paying job, but if you decide you want to take on a challenge that will affect the lives of millions of Americans, give me a shout.



  7. There is no such thing as company loyalty anymore. I have seen it first hand in my own life. After 20 years of employment with excellent reviews someone new decided they did not like me and I was gone, as was my up until that point outstanding career. I saw Ernie on Ellen and how absolutely undignified to make him interview for a job he held for almost three decades. This news channel stinks and should be ashamed. Karma is all I can say. What comes around goes around. Good luck to you Ernie. I know you will land on your feet and be happier in the long run.

  8. I am watching the Bjorkmans on an Oprah episode about social classes. It’s terrible to see someone fall from so far up, they seem so totally lost. It’s not funny, it’s actaully rather sad, I’m under the impression they expect me as a viewer to feel sorry for them for their hardships, trials and tribulations. They were talking about a TRUE friend who gave them a $1,000 check to make their car payment, LOL, Please. A leach looks for handouts from friends to make a $1,000 car payment, someone who is actually trying to get over this hurdle gets rid of the $1,000/ month car to avoid such ridiculous expenses. You can get a VW for $199/ month. Give me a break! They opened themselves to this type of criticism when they go on a daytime talk show with their little violin and stories of hardship. Get over it, you don’t deserve anything more than anyone else, actually you deserve even less sympathy because you did nothing to help yourself.

  9. I have worked in local tv stations before and seen how they treat “great” talent like Ernie. As someone that has written, directed and worked in news for years, I have seen talent stepped on regardless of the viewers. TV used to be about the viewers, it no longer is. When I moved out here from the east coast, Ernie (and his co-anchor at the time Wendy Brockman) stood out as a synamic pair in news more than others I saw at here. I have known many great anchors in my many years and seen them move from being stepped on to high level markets and national.

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