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KOA Critic ‘Mysteriously’ (and Thankfully) Disappears
August 7, 2008, 8:42 am
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Have you missed 850 KOA Radio movie and restaurant reviewer Reggie McDaniel? Neither have I. Let’s be honest – he’s arguably the worst radio presence in the state. Nevertheless, Westword’s Michael Roberts has the details on his “mysterious” departure. Let’s hope the new business is successful, lest he return to the airwaves.

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Puh-leeze. Aside from Bronco coverage (which itself is overrated), Reggie’s rants n’ rambles provided the only reason to listen to KOA’s drivel. He beat the heck outta the station’s endless parade of neocons, jingoists and jock sniffers. News Radio? NOT!

Comment by BigBro

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