It Turns Out the Gelatto Business Is Not Like Publishing …

If you are waiting to hear back from that freelancer for Shine magazine, don’t bother. It has folded after a single issue. Better start pitching 5280 again, or, if you’re feeling lucky, the trendy new Denver Magazine. And for those bettors out there, Denver PR Blog has set the over/under on Denver Magazine at six issues.

10 thoughts on “It Turns Out the Gelatto Business Is Not Like Publishing …

  1. I say ‘under’. How many ways can these local lifestyle pubs repackage a salon in CC North or schlep the do-gooding of their favorite bold-face name?

    On the flip side, these mags do keep the flacks in the green–even if they put the ol’ cowtown to sleep.

  2. To compare Denver Magazine to Shine is a fatal mistake. The publisher of Denver Magazine has been in the publishing business before. 5280 is a boring stuffy magazine that has had it’s time!

  3. I also just saw Denver Magazine for the first time. FINALLY someone is realizing we need a magaine with style. I am from California and the lack of magazine titles here was killing me!

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